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September 2nd, 2020
Sample Issue

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Curated by Ashley Fan and Andy He.

In This Weeks (Sample) Edition:
Ivy Eyes  Favorites
The subtle in-between: a meditation on peripheral community at Princeton 
Columbia Announced a Test-Optional Policy for 2020-2021 Applicants. Is It Time to Scrap the Test Requirement for Good?
 Bagged Meals, Nose Swabs, and Quarantines: How Students Are Moving Into Harvard’s Dorms During the Pandemic
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This Week in News 

Penn rejects calls from Wharton professors to investigate Trumps SAT cheating allegations

Image by Ashley Fan
From the University of Pennsylvania  8 minute read

How often do you see the President of the United States and his alma mater getting tied up in a potential lawsuit? Citing from primary source documents, see how six Wharton professors and Penn President Amy Gutmann figure out whether they should investigate if Trump gained fraudulent admission to the University. 


Virtual pre-orientation ultimately successful, despite setbacks

Yale University  2 minute read

Curious about what it feels like to enter college during a pandemic? Read about Yale’s transfer of its usually in person pre-orientation programs online, and a mixed student reaction to the change. 


Bagged Meals, Nose Swabs, and Quarantines: How Students Are Moving Into Harvard’s Dorms During the Pandemic 

Harvard University  7 minute read

Get an inside look at the freshman navigating move-in to the Yard for the fall- and how the once-vibrant weekend has become an eerily unrecognizable recognizable in the wake of  COVID-19’s effects.


Now you see me, now you don’t: Using artificial intelligence to identify COVID-19, developing a PPE coating to stop it in its tracks

Brown University  4 minute read

How has Brown risen to the scientific challenge of combating COVID-19? Get an insider's look into the development of new CT imaging techniques designed to assist COVID diagnoses, and learn about the creation of graphene ink, a substance that would not only trap but eradicate viral particles upon contact.


College to move forward with fall reopening plan

Dartmouth College  4 minute read

Dartmouth is bringing back half its undergraduate body for the fall quarter, the most by any Ivy League school. 


This Week in Opinion

The subtle in-between: a meditation on peripheral community at Princeton

Princeton University  6 minute read

Sure, we all love spending time with our closest friends- but what does your peripheral community mean to you? These are the people you see while walking to class and exchange small talk with, they are the people who are too close to you not to acknowledge but too distant to constantly be in touch with. In this poignant piece, Remy Reya of Princeton reflects on this vital yet often overlooked aspect of campus life.


Columbia announced a test optional policy for 2020-2021 applicants. Is it time to scrap the test requirement for good?

Columbia University  6 minute read

What does the future of standardized tests, post-pandemic, look like for Columbia and Barnard admissions? Through interviews with current students and admissions officers, writer Megan Lunny explores the complex relationship between socioeconomic status and test scores, ultimately questioning test scores’ role in admissions.


Worth the time: Weekly Long-Read 

Why Cornell is reopening despite an increased case load

From Cornell University  12 minute read

In this detailed interview, The Cornell Sun spoke with President Martha Pollack, Provost Michael Kotlikoff, Vice President for Student and Campus Life Ryan Lombardi, Vice President of Facilities and Campus Services Rick Burgess, Vice Provost for Academic Affairs and Presidential Advisor for Diversity and Equity Avery August and Vice President for University Relations Joel Malina about Cornell’s reopening plan and anti-racism initiatives.